Plum supports every aspect of hotel operations



Plum creates a new in-room revenue stream that helps offset the revenue lost due to laptops and mobile phones. Equally important, Plum delivers an elegant “in-room service” that enhances the value of the hotel’s room product and elevates the guest experience. Plum’s cloud service tracks consumption and profitability in real time, bringing more insights and capabilities to your business.

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Front Desk

Hoteliers risk losing as many as 22% of customers, if even a single negative review is found by consumers who are considering making a reservation. Plum can help significantly reduce that number by enabling you to instantly recover service such as noise, odor, or a broken remote control by granting a guest a complimentary Plum pour.

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Director of F&B

80% of luxury hotels guest are wine drinkers that enjoy a glass of wine regularly. Plum’s incredible technology helps you deliver a highly refined in-room wine by the glass experience. Plum works with and two standard 750ml bottles and any closure, enabling you to curate selection, price, serving size, temperature, and tasting notes.

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Hotel Manager

Amenity programs are essential to building loyalty but come at a high cost. Plum integrates into your PMS, allowing you to reduce those costs by virtually sending a glass or bottle of wine to the guest room. Plum lives inside the guest room ensuring you can always deliver a wine amenity instantly and without disturbing the guest.

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Plum improves efficiency by tracking the amount of wine in each bottle, and only notifying you when it’s time to replace a bottle. And its automated self-cleaning system make is breeze to maintain.

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Capable of monitoring its own health and automatically creating an alert when it needs support, Plum does the work for you. Plum’s argon canister serves more than 1,000 pours, making it extremely low maintenance.

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Plum easily integrates into your hotel’s PMS and POS and is built on a hardened embedded Linus platform that utilizes encryption for all data transport. Best of all, Plum’s managed Cloud service allows for simple and fast deployments.